About Us

Quality Landscaping Services LLC was founded by its owner James E. Gillooly III, serving the Central Connecticut area since 2006. We have made it our mission to provide quality workmanship and professional service to both Residential and Commercial properties.

The owner James E. Gillooly III had much landscaping experience before he started his current business working as a foremen at other landscaping companies. In 2004 he put the landscaping on hold to pursue a career in IT while attending Porter and Chester Institute. After graduating in 2006, he started Quality Landscaping Services LLC. He decided to pursue his career in what he loved, while using his IT skills to his advantage to this day.

Quality Landscaping can handle any size job, from a residential home to a large condominium complex, to a commercial building. Quality Landscaping takes pride in doing whatever it takes to get the job done and we will work around the clock to guarantee your property is well maintained, safe, and in excellent condition all year around.